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11th Annual Prairie Lindy Exchange!

The Prairie Lindy Exchange or PLEX as it is more commonly known is the biggest dance exchange our club regularly participates in together.

This year our friends in Edmonton are hosting the exchange on the weekend of March 11th to 13th and they have done a great job in the past.

The official website is: http://plexology.org/11plex/
Please visit it for more information on the event.

The weekend is stock full of dancing, awesome live music, social events, and usually workshops. The dancers in our community are very friendly and encourage all levels of dancers to participate. So if your new to the scene please don't be discouraged. If you happen to be taking lessons with us (particularly our beginner Lindy Hop) you will know enough by March 11th to participate in this exchange.

Traditionally our club arranges for people who would like to attend the exchange with us. This makes transportation easier. We car pool together to Edmonton and split into groups for housing (The host city arranges for us to stay with fellow dancers for the weekend).

If you want to attend the event on your own please view their website and follow the instructions accordingly.

If you want more information or to travel and attend the exchange with UMSwing please contact me as soon as possible at:


Please use an e-mail you check often and leave your name and phone number. It takes time to arrange everything at both our end and with our friends in Edmonton so please don't wait too long!

This is a great way to travel, make new friends, meet new dancers, and greatly improve your abilities!

Sebastian Lao

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