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Lindy Hop Techniques Class Outline

Week 1: Framework and Momentum
- understanding points of connection
- frame dos and don'ts
- where/how to generate power
- conserving energy

Week 2: Musicality
- understanding musical phrasing and breaks
- stops and travels
- making stuff up, forget about the feet
- tempo rubato
- swivels!

Week 3: Footwork
- fancy steps and footwork variations
- the art of fudging feet (aka faking it)
- balance and travel techniques
- more swivels!

Week 4: Cool Moves and Armwork
- we'll take a break from technique and do some neat moves instead
- nah just kidding, there will be specific techniques here too
- just what the heck do we do with this free arm during swingouts?

Week 5: Hijacks, Steals and Switches
- follows will learn to momentarily take control, leads will learn to let them
- techniques to change lead/follow roles in mid-dance
- assuming we've done a steals workshop by this point, we'll cover some more options

Week 6: Framework and Momentum 2
- technique grind
- how to redirect momentum without losing energy
- the untechnique grind... aka "get out of the way" is the only thing that matters
- mirror swingouts, the fine line between technique and muscle memory

Week 7: Speeding Things Up
- techniques for fast lindy
- alternative footwork

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