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UMSwing Dance Exchange

UMSwing is hosting a city wide dance exchange. Come learn from different solo swing dance instructors form across the city! Come out and learn The Franky Manning Shim Sham, The Stew, Doing the Jive, and catch up on your rueda. The goal is to share the dance knowledge with the whole city.

The only pre-requisite is the knowledge of a Lindy Hop swing-out (only needed for ruedda). Don’t know a swing out? Come out to UMSwing’s Friday night dance lessons we will teach you all you need to know!

In advance (sign up before December 3rd)
students 20$
non Students 30$

Regular Price (sign up on December 3rd)
Students 30$
non Students 40$

Students count as any university or college student !

Interested? To sign up contact an UMSwing exec member. We will be available to sign you up during Saturday night swingout and during regular UMSwing classes on Tuesday and Friday. Feel free to contact me at promotions@umswing.ca if none of these options work for you.

follow the Facebook event for up to date information.

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