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UMSwing Elections

The semester is flying by and it's already March, which means it's time for UMSwing elections! You, as students and members, are the future of UMSwing. Being on the executive council takes a lot of work (between 5 and 15 hours a week), but it's very rewarding as well. If you have passion for UMSwing and the swing dance community, we invite you to run for one of our five available executive positions: President, Vice President - Internal, Vice President - External, Director of Publicity and Promotions, and Secretary/Treasurer (please see below for a description of each position)

To run for a position you must be a returning full-time undergraduate student of the UofM, and you must have been a current member of UMSwing within the last two years. If you're not sure whether you fulfill these criteria, talk to one of the exec before applying.

We will be handing out candidate applications during class 5 on March 20 and 21. You will have two weeks to fill out the application and submit it to the returning officer. Voting occurs during class 7 and 8, March 27 to April 4. As a candidate you are expected to give at least one short speech (~30 seconds) at the beginning of classes during the voting period. After the last class on April 4 the returning officer will count the votes and announce the new executive council.

Description of Executive Positions:

The President is the face of UMSwing and is responsible for representing UMSwing during events and to the press. They are responsible for providing leadership to the club and overseeing the planning and execution of all club undertakings, including but not limited to open houses, lessons, social dance nights, workshops, and elections. They act as the chairperson for all meetings, and ensure the rest of the executive council work together.

Vice President Internal
The VP Internal is responsible for communicating with members of UMSwing, including the UMSwing email account, the mailing list, social media, and the website news page. They are the link between the executive and the club members, and organize volunteers whenever they are needed. The VP Internal may also coordinate with the Director of Publicity and Promotions to organize all social events.

Vice President External
The VP External is the primary contact for organizations and individuals outside of UMSwing, such as other community organizers, venues for live music nights, musicians and band leaders, instructors, and more. They reach out to external organizations for promotional opportunities, funding, and alliances. They are the ambassador to UMSU and coordinates with the Director of Publicity and Promotions to run social events.

Director of Publicity and Promotions
Collaborates with the Graphic/Web Designer to create all promotional materials (such as pamphlets, hand outs, posters, buttons, clothing, videos, radio ads, etc). They orchestrate the distribution of promotional material within the UofM and throughout the entire city. They also oversee promotional events such as Student Recruitment Week.They are also responsible for maintaining a list of promotion material distribution sites.

The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for the taking of all meeting minutes, and for managing all paperwork and digital documents pertaining to UMSwing. They prepare a preliminary budget at the beginning of each semester and provides monthly budgets during executive meetings. The Secretary/Treasurer is responsible for the integrity of the cash box and must count the cash box before and after each lesson/event, recording the totals. They are responsible for all deposits, paying bills, and archiving all e-statements.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at umswing@gmail.com

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