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Updated Legion Rules

- No outside alcohol is permitted. Drinks purchased upstairs at the bar may be brought downstairs (and indeed is encouraged, since giving them business is always a good idea).
- Bring your own water bottles instead of asking for cups from upstairs.
- Outdoor shoes must be removed at the door and placed against the back wall. Shoes must not impede traffic to any exits as per fire regulations.
- The Legion has asked that we park our cars on the street or in the adjoining lots, in order to reserve their lot for their older clientele. Carpooling is recommended.
- If you make a mess, clean it up (crumbs, wrappers, etc).
- All tables and chairs must be returned to their original positions by the end of the night.
- All bottles and glassware must be returned upstairs.
- Please be mindful of the dress code at the Legion.

And now for the big issue: For the past several years the Legion has very graciously allowed us to use their space free of charge. We started as a small and developing scene, and since then (this past year especially) have grown into a large and steady crowd. Unfortunately, with our increasing numbers comes an accordingly larger amount of wear and tear to the room. I have spoken with the management several times about this issue, and while they wish to continue to support us, the cost of room maintenance is unavoidable. We are not required to pay rent just yet, but it may become a possibility in the future. In preparation of such, I will be setting up a "tip jar" each week. Donations of $1 or $2 or whatever coinage you have would be highly appreciated, and all funds collected will go towards maintenance.

The crux of the matter is that we use up a lot of space, but as a dancing crowd we typically do not drink and thus don't bring in much business. Patronizing the bar upstairs and leaving the parking lot available for their paying customers will help keep the management happy.

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