• UMSwing Dance Exchange
    Saturday, December 03, 2016 @ 10:00 AM
    Location: University of Manitoba. TBA
  • Saturday night Swing out
    Saturday, December 03, 2016 @ 08:00 PM
    Location: Ted Motikas Dance studio
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The University of Manitoba Swing Dance Club (UMSwing) is an entirely student-run organization that operates under the umbrella of the University of Manitoba Student's Union (UMSU). UMSwing is non-profit and works towards being able to provide affordable dance lesson to students and non-students. Although the majority of members are students, UMSwing is open to everyone and boasts members of all ages and skill levels. Founded in 2000, UMSwing is celebrating 15 years of introducing people of all ages and experiences levels to swing dancing. UMSwing welcomes anyone of any ages, even those who think they have two left feet or cannot dance, and they welcome the opportunity to prove you wrong!

Lessons and Events

UMSwing offers a large variety of lessons and social events year-round. If this is your first time learning to dance, we offer beginner lessons in Jive and Lindy Hop. For more intermediate dancers, we offer Intermediate Lindy Hop, Charleston, Balboa. Other styles that we teach include Swing Rueda, West Coast Swing, Blues, and Aerials. Whether you want to fly high with some Aerials, get a great workout from Charleston, or learn some sociable Lindy Hop, UMSwing has something for you to get you interested, having fun, and meeting new people in no time!

Wanted volunteers!

Hello, UMswing is setting up some fantastic volunteer opportunities. We noticed that you were really into swing dance this year and we would like you to continue in the new year.

Every year UMSwing does recruitment in university center. We set up a table, play music, dance and hand out swing dance related information. We would like to make an even bigger presence this year. We are setting up a program where if you to 10+ hours of volunteer work with us you will get a free dance course as our way of saying thanks.

The hours we require help are 9:30am - 3pm January 9 - 13 and January 16 - 20. There is no limit to how many hours you can clock with us. Clocking 10 hours also counts as volunteer credit and will be put on your transcript if you are a student.

The details of the volunteer work.

Meet in 172 Helen Glass with and exec member for 9:30 carry and set up supplies to tabling location in university center. If you do not sign up for this time meet at the table.

10-3 swing dance, hand out dance related material, and answer any questions related to swing dancing.

3pm cleanup and place all materials back in the UMSwing office.

You can sign up for any amount of hours between these hours. The exec will keep a record of the hours.

Interested? Contact an exec member at umswing@gmail.com with the hours you would like to vollunteer. If you would like to have more opportunities for a free class let us know in our email.