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Mission Statement

The University of Manitoba Swing Dance Club (UMSwing) is an entirely student-run organization that operates under the umbrella of the University of Manitoba Student's Union (UMSU). UMSwing is non-profit and works towards being able to provide affordable dance lesson to students and non-students. Although the majority of members are students, UMSwing is open to everyone and boasts members of all ages and skill levels. Founded in 2000, UMSwing is celebrating 15 years of introducing people of all ages and experiences levels to swing dancing. UMSwing welcomes anyone of any ages, even those who think they have two left feet or cannot dance, and they welcome the opportunity to prove you wrong!

The mission of UMSwing is to:

  • Spread knowledge of swing dancing and other partner dances
  • Illustrate the benefits of dancing:
    • Physical and mental health benefits
    • Great way to meet people and socialize
    • Fun and exciting!
  • Provide the opportunity to learn and practice in a safe, fun, and relaxed environment

Executive Committee

  Jennifer Petrasanta
UMSwing Presidentl
pres [at] umswing [dot] ca

I fell in love with swing dancing at the 2014 winter open house. However, due to scheduling conflicts I wasn't able to join until January 2015. In that short period of time, I've made great friends and I wanted to become more involved. This year, I hope to get more student groups involved with swing dance to help build a stronger community both in the university and the swing scene.
  Jasmin Bissonette
UMSwing Secretary/Treasurer
treasurer [at] umswing [dot] ca

Hello, my name is Jasmin Bissonnette. I first joined swing last year at the Open House because I thought that it would be a fun experience. After the Open House, I decided to sign up for lessons for the semester. Throughout the lessons, I made amazing new friends, memories and learned something fun to do. I am excited to meet new people this year and make it an amazing 15th year.
Christine St. Martin
Director of Publicity and Promotions
promotions [at] umswing [dot] ca

Hi, Im Christine St. Martin. I am the UmSwings Director of Publicity and Promotions. This is my fourth year dancing in Winnipeg. Swing dancing had introduced me to many great people from across the world. I have had many great experiances with dancing and I plan to create more for others during by being a part of umswing
  Alesta Heese
UMSwing VP Internal
vpinternal [at] umswing [dot] ca

For the past few years, I always wanted to try something new and fun that would also allow me to make more friends. The swing community is an active, friendly, healthy way to do that and I love dancing, of course. The music is great, the moves are great, and it's so fun to be involved with this scene.


UMSwing's 2015/2016 constitution is available here

The most recent executive nomination form can be found here